Born in Lisbon, Portugal, and raised/educated in Toronto, Ontario, Claudio is a Portuguese-Canadian who is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.  The "Client First" philosophy Claudio abides by is his most viable approach in real estate which enables him to provide an invaluable service to his clientele.  This involves prioritizing his clients in any given situation regardless of any circumstance.  This philosophy requires him to continually improve his skills and ways of conducting business, which in turn helps him cater to people with different real estate objectives.

He completed his first year in Business Administration at Centennial College in 2005.  He then realized his passion for real estate and took initiative to pursue a lifetime career in the real estate industry in May 2010.  Mentored and trained by Frank Covello from Royal LePage Maximum Realty, who is a highly experienced and well-respected Realtor in the industry, Claudio quickly learned how to conduct efficient real estate transactions which ultimately gave him a strategic advantage from the get-go.

In addition to his business experience, he has taken an intensive real estate investment course at the Robert Allen Institute (RAI) and mentored by a successful real estate guru, Miranda Hart, who is an affiliate mentor of the RAI.  As a result he has many resources which help him scrutinize potential cash-flow real estate deals such as the 'Cash Flow Analysis Spreadsheet.'  In essence, Claudio can help you do the proper due diligence to find a lucrative investment property.

He possesses a multitude of skills which include communication skills, negotiation skills, impeccable customer service skills, and more.  He also possesses a strong aptitude to maintain a gracious manner even when problematic situations arise.  One of his unique attributes is the ability to adapt to different environments.  He strives to build long-term client relationships upon honesty, loyalty and integrity.  If you ask anyone about Claudio who knows him personally, they will describe him as assertive, tenacious, genuine, caring, and most importantly self-motivated.

His educational-based approach takes your objectives into account and the realization of your real estate needs is his most important goal.  Claudio has a simple rule which he always abides by: treat everyone with respect, promote WIN-WIN situations and inevitably achieve ultimate success.  In closing, you will always find Claudio conscientious, responsive, resourceful and highly motivated.  Contact Claudio today and experience the satisfaction derived from his impeccable real estate service!

Claudio Nunes

Sales Representative, CRES

Royal LePage Maximum Realty

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